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Divestitures and Acquisitions


As a business owner, selling or buying a business can be the most important financial transaction in your lifetime, and  involves a significant amount of emotional energy and overall effort. At Kalex Valuations Inc, we are pleased to offer a variety of buy and sell side transaction advisory services to guide you through these pivotal milestones including assisting you with the following:


Selling a Business


  • Determining how much your business is worth (calculations and financial projections/modelling to generate a price for your company)

  • Assessing various structuring alternatives

  • Preparing marketing documents to highlight key performance indicators, metrics, and value drivers of your company for potential buyer

  • Preparing a Quality of Earnings report

  • Selecting and approaching possible purchasers (including using our network to find a suitable buyer) 

  • Data room preparation and due diligence management (for buyers to review details of the company to expedite the sale process)

  • Setting a price and negotiating terms

  • Coordinating with legal and tax advisors (to ensure the price and all other considerations have been taken into account and appropriately documented)


Buying a Business 


  • Developing an acquisition strategy

  • Identifying suitable targets (including using our network to find a suitable target) 

  • Undertaking financial due diligence (review detailed financial records of the seller for accuracy and items affecting price)

  • Preparing a Quality of Earnings report

  • Performing financial analysis and valuation of the business

  • Setting a price and negotiating terms

  • Assessing various financing and structuring alternatives

  • Assisting with obtaining financing (debt or equity capital)

  • Providing advice when drafting legal documents (mitigate the risk a deal is structured in a such a way that you pay more than you expect or take on an unknown liability)

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