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Are you C-Suite financial executive looking for some assistance on valuation issues?  Are you a Director who has received a valuation report, expert report or fairness opinion that needs some guidance on understanding the report and “stress-testing” it?  Are you a legal professional trying to assess the reasonability of one or more valuations or expert reports that have been prepared, whether in draft or final, and whether prepared on behalf of your client or another party?  Are you working for a PE, VC, investment fund, investment company or family office looking to report to investors, shareholders and stakeholders as to the fair value of investments on a regular basis?  Are you a lender considering advancing funds based on a valuation report or analysis?  Our professionals can provide you with value-added and cost-effective valuation review services to help achieve your goals and meet your obligations, whether you are looking to comply with regulatory or legislative requirements, or accounting standards such as IFRS, ASPE or US GAAP.

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